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The Popular Filipino Desserts For Holidays

The Popular Filipino Desserts For Holidays The most delicious Filipino desserts are so simple yet very delicious. Malagkit is one of the signature dessert of the Philippines. The rice base Filipino desserts are healthier and easy to digest. With small amount of coconut sugger and other natural ingredients you may find any market place in…

How to Protect Exotic Animals

Snakes, parrots, iguanas, tortoises, and even otters – these are just some of the species suffering as pets around the world.

There are legal and illegal sides to the exotic pet trade. But legality doesn’t matter; captive-bred or wild caught – it’s all cruel. And the trade for keeping exotic animals as pets is growing fast.

No wild animal can have its needs entirely met when kept as a pet. In a home, there is no way to replicate the space and freedom they would have in the wild.