Biography of Master Chef Jack Oz


Jack Oz at Two Years Old

Black and white photograph captured in Manisa in 1969.

Jack Zarhan Dikici, also known as “Jack Oz,” is a Turkish-American born in Manisa, Turkey, on May 22, 1967. He is the eldest among two children and a noble father of his sweet daughter. When his parents worked as government employees in Turkey, Jack had a stepsister who has adopted by his mother and raised him.

Jack Oz with his daughter Sena

Jack Oz with his daughter Sena in the United States of America in 2016.

Jack is a kind person with a heart for the Filipinos, where he learned how to get along with locals and understand their way of life. He is known for being a hard worker, qualified, and businessman who can work up to 16 hours a day. Many individuals, including family members, professors, and those close to him, recognized his unique personality in his innate analytical ability due to his educational and professional experiences. In addition, he is very observant about time management and is always well-organized in everything he does.

His enthusiasm for theoretical and logical debates contributed to his maturity. His actions are based on famous philosophers such as Aristotle, George Bull, Albert Einstein, Plato, and the Ancient Greeks. Among his many talents, Jack enjoys cooking and learning about food the most.

An Agriculture Engineer

Jack completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture Engineering at the University of Ankara, Turkey, from September 1984 to August 1988. Genetics, Animal Husbandry, Meat, Dairy Technologies, Feed Systems, Poultry, and Ruminants are his areas of expertise.

Comparison of Jack's formula with regular fertilizer

Jack put his formula to the test by measuring the development of rice plants given normal fertilizer.

Between 2013 and 2016, he spent seven years in the Philippines, where he learned about their way of life. Since he lived in a village, farming has been the primary source of income for most people. He discovered that farmers were having difficulty producing plants due to chemicals they had been using for several years. So,  he began to find solutions for fertilizer problems to improve the plants’ growth. In Cagayan, Philippines. he successfully produced his organic fertilizer and encouraging organic farming over the traditional method.

Comparison of Rice Plants' Growth

Comparison of a one month grew rice plant in Gattaran, Cagayan, Philippines.

Regardless of soil quality difficulties, Jack’s formula was determined to be successful for plant development. As a result of his research testing, the growth rate of rice differed greatly from that of farmers and became really influential on rice plants (as a plant sample). His care and deep concern for people made him voluntarily share his formula with the Philippine government and farmers. Most farmers are now using it for personal consumption rather than purchasing expensive commercial fertilizers.

His agricultural exploration and understanding significantly impacted the success of his organic fertilizer development and output. Furthermore, his passion for assisting Filipinos inspired him to develop new ideas and develop new technologies that would benefit them.

As a health-conscious person, Jack considers the consistency of animal feed to be the most crucial source of nutrition because he is always picky about the agricultural goods that he eats. He also took advantage of tours connected to organic agriculture and traveled to Australia several times.

A Network Analyst

Diploma of Jack Z. Dikici from ECPI University

Jack Z. Dikici received his Magna Cum Laude diploma from ECPI University after completing his Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science.

After completing his Bachelor’s Degree, Jack decided to work in the United States of America (USA), even though he cannot speak or understand the English language. Since he is a fast learner, he was able to learn the language. Jack has an obsessive-compulsive personality and always wants to learn new trends. While working, he decided to enroll in Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Science, specializing in Cyber and Network Security at East Coast Polytechnic Institute (ECPI) University. Virginia and graduated as Magna Cum Laude in 2016.

Jack is a rare person who can perform various tasks that are difficult for most people to learn. He knows everything there is to know about computer devices and hardware. He has a high level of expertise in Assembly, Lisp, C, C++, Java, Python, javascript, NET, ASP, PHP, MS Power Shell-Scripting, Bash-Scripting, HTML/CSS, Ruby, Electronics, Advanced Microsoft OS, Linux and Unix, Ethical System Penetration and Cybersecurity Attacks, Web Application and website architecture and programming, Graphic Design, Network Infrastructure, Hardware, and PC repair, and Logic Gates.

In addition, as one of his hobbies, Jack is doing a self-study on Quantum Computation and Computer software Applications. His knowledge resulted in him being the founder of the website, which he uses to manage article posts.

A Master Chef

Jack's Oz Organic Office

Jack Oz at his Oz Organic Office in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan in 2019.

His expertise in cooking and choosing organic products retains his excellent figure as a Master Chef, commonly referred to as Master Chef Jack Oz. As he always claims, food is his passion; one of his fundamental principles is to choose the best ingredients for his food with respect. Jack believes that a good mood will provide good nutrition and energy, so he interacts with plants and talks with water. His father began training him in the family’s food business in Turkey when he was a child. His career started when he moved to the USA, where he served for over two decades. Chefs and his Master Chef Orhan Yegen prepared him for many years before he reached his profession.

Jack Oz Organic Food Products

Healthy Probiotic Hot Sauce made from Native Siling Labuyo by Master Chef Jack Oz.

As a result of his perseverance, he became an Executive Chef of one of the world’s most luxurious hotels in the USA. When he decided to live in the Philippines in 2013, he established his own company called Oz Organic Food Products, where he launched over 60 nutritious food items. Appetizers, salads, soups, sandwiches, rice meals, beverages, desserts, and various other meals are among the food items available.

Due to the condition of his Down Syndrome daughter, Sena, his interest in nourishment issues begun, so he studied nourishment and sustenance for his girl and his family. Jack may be difficult to work with, especially in food preparation and hygienic practices both inside and outside the kitchen because he strives to be the best at everything he does.

Jack Oz with Congressman Antonio

Jack Oz with the Isabela 1st District Congressman Antonio “Tonypet” T. Albano (left).

When he arrived in the Philippines from the USA in March 2020, his close friend endorsed him to Congressman Antonio “Tonypet” T. Albano in Isabela. He was assigned to be the consultant and chef of the Congressman. One of his major responsibilities is to train the Congressman’s chefs. He also cooked and served special dishes to several high-profile politicians. He loves studying things relating to food and nutrition, which explains his food awareness. His main goal in making healthy choices is to educate people about taking nutritious organic meals to maintain a healthy body.

A Philanthropist

Jack Oz joins medical mission in Cagayan Valley

Jack Oz participated various medical missions in the Northern Philippines with his friend Dr. Leon Caculitan (right).

In Turkey, Jack had visited many orphanages with his stepsister. Through these experiences, he developed his fast-adaptable and engaging personality. That’s why when he came to the Philippines, he didn’t have a hard time being with the people. Instead, he appreciated the culture, and he felt that his heart belongs to the Filipinos. His journey in the Philippines has been full of adventures. He was able to participate in various medical missions, especially in the coastal areas of Northern Luzon, with his close friend, Dr. Leon Caculitan. Jack has a caring heart towards people and nature, despite his irritability.

During their visit to the Aeta communities in Northern Cagayan, he noticed that they were suffering from a common skin disease (tinea imbricata), prompting him to create special organic creams to treat their ailments and distribute them for free. Aeta people used to be nomadic hunters and gatherers who lived in small communities and other remote locations. Jack has always devoted his work to people, assisted them, and provided opportunities for all.

A Vlogger/Blogger

Because of its impact on people, Jack studied food chemistry in depth. His daughter’s Down syndrome condition made him cautious about his diet. As a Master Chef, he enjoys filming and photographing food and culture, which lead him to launch his own YouTube channel, Masterchef Jack Oz, in February 2021. He conceptualized his ideas and his team while he was in the Philippines before he went to Turkey.

Image of Master Chef Jack Oz's youtube channel

Youtube-channel of Master Chef Jack Oz

When he arrived in Turkey in January 2021, he continued making food-related vlogs. His videos feature culture and some special food delicacies available in their place. Although he is new to this platform, he is confident that the content will benefit his viewers. While doing this, he also wants to broaden his culinary knowledge and introduce nutritious foods from various cultures and cuisines.

As he was specialized in computer, he initiated his blogging business on his website,, with his team composed of six (6) authors, editors, and graphic designers in the Philippines. He preferred to create articles on such videos and other intriguing issues regarding food and culture while vlogging through since he wants to create options for those who appreciate reading as much as he does. His team will use this system to create all of the articles’ entries before they are published.

Biography of Master Chef Jack Oz by Patricia C. Paccarangan

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