Privacy Policy

We really do not collect and process any personal information from you when you visit our website without your consent. We may collect very simple contact information from you when you to contact us for communication purposes only.  We are 100% for sure that you are safe with us, however, when you reach us from, and other referring pages we are also for sure that they collect massive amount of information from you. Our website is hosted by using Word Press platform and Ryan template which we do not have any control over these third party commercial companies whether they collect private information behind their platform(s) (over their source code) or not. We assure you that you are safe with us, we do not offer any tricky service offers nor advertise matters that is not necessary for your needs just to make money.

We simply want to earn enough to pay our bills in a honest way. There is a high demand for honest people in the industry and we know that honesty is the highest value on top of any assets. Furthermore, we do use cookies and tracking codes in this website such as google analytics, bing search engine analytic tools and other tools to evaluate our website traffic to improve our quality of services. Your information will be kept private with us and we do not sell your information with any third party. You may experience seeing links in our articles and educational research papers to increase our visibility on major search engines and to report our affiliate partners about our traffic .

When you click on these links your basic information such as your ip address, your browser information, your operating system, your geo-location, what pages that you have been browsing and how long you stay on a specific page will be recorded by the search engines, tracking firms and our affiliate partners. We do not spend any specific effort to track your information it is just the nature of any internet business and we hope that in near future privacy issues are seriously controlled by the people not by the corporations and governments. Nevertheless, information gathering is  the nature of the Internet based businesses. When you build your own commercial website you will be seeking the similar analytical data from your online store and if you hire us we will be assisting you to that. This does not mean that you are a bad company/person or you conduct unethical business practices; it is important to collect some data and process them for a good reason without violating any individual’s rights.

If you have further concerns regarding to your privacy please contact us.


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